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Amelia Kemarre Cindy Morton Colleen Wallace Doreen Petyarre Jancie Kemarre Jedda Purvis Josie Kemarre Josie K. Petyarre Marcia Petyarre May Mbitjana Myrtyle Petyarre Nora Petyarre Club Violet Petyarrer Minnie Pwerle Rosemary Pitjara Jeannie Petyara Margaret Scobie Margaret T. Petyarre Doreen Nakamarra Gracie Morton Gracie Morton Gracie Morton Gracie Morton Gracie Morton

Aboriginal Art from Utopia Australia

The Utopia region is located 240 kilometres north east of Alice Springs covering approximately 1800 square kilometres region of desert country. The country is mainly mulga scrub and spinifex on red sandy flats, broken up by dry river beds lined with gum trees and paperbarks.

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