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This collection is a celebration of Australian Aboriginal women artists and the beauty and uniqueness of their work.

Over the past thirty years women have been a leading force in the art movement. They have moved forward developing amazing new designs and interpretations of traditional "dreamings" and have created their own stories. It has not been easy for women in any society to break the bonds of tradition, to be empowered and become leaders. Yet Aboriginal women are doing just that and the artists are providing leadership and resources for their families and communities.

Art is the visual history of Aboriginal culture and it is changing constantly. The art is enabling young aboriginal children, men and women to heal and revitalize their culture. The themes of many women's paintings historically have to do with their view of their land ,water, the flora and fauna and the activities of care giving, medicine plants, leaves and the gathering of "bush tucker" (food).

The themes have been passed down from mother's to daughter's and granddaughter's. Each time the artists have interpreted the theme their own style changes the theme in some way stimulating innovation.

The ochre works of the Kimberley area, are distinct and unique from the Tiwi Island's ochre paintings and fabric design and so on throughout Arnhem Land and other areas. Women are also venturing out on their own , painting their personal stories, designs and view of their world. Urban aboriginal women artists are flourishing and are exploring other forms such as film and photography to make their creative, social and political statements.

Women artists offer inspiration to other women ,men and young people as they embody aboriginal heritage , provide a visual history of the past ,a portrait of the present and optimism for the future.

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