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There are many successful Australian aboriginal artists who have provided leadership and inspiration to younger people and who work tirelessly to help their people to become independent.......a long and ongoing process.

Galleries and art museums across Australia have recognized this powerful art and many Aboriginal men and women artists are now included in major collections in Australia and around the world. There is a permanent Australian Aboriginal collection at the Louvre in Paris plus galleries in many European countries and in North America feature Aboriginal artists. It is not uncommon now for major artists such as Rover Thomas, Clifford Possum , Queenie MacKenzie and other's to attain sales in the hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction.

There are still many problems and hurdles for Aboriginal men and women artists and these must be addressed and rectified but this is the nature of change and development. The good part of all this is that the art has given women and their families resources to combat their own and their communities' problems which in time will benefit at every level.

The Women's Council at Minimaku is one example of women fighting the battles to get rid of alcohol, drugs and petrol sniffing in their communities, providing for their children and their elderly and working with the white government and social service providers to accomplish change. Minimaku also has a very productive art centre where artists are producing lively colourful work that sells nationally and internationally.

There are many success stories for Aboriginal people throughout Australia. In the performing arts, sports, environmental issues, land reclamation, politics, media and so much more. The Aboriginal voice is being heard and the artists work is being seen.

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