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Australian Aboriginal Art by Josie Petrick Kemarre

Josie Petrick Kemarre was born in 1945 near Utopia , Soakage Bore, where she still lives and paints. Josie is considered a vital and leading part of the innovative Utopia women artists movement.

She has taken the traditional dot painting form and has created a wonderful way of depicting the landscape of her country in a new way using dot abstraction and brilliant colour while also manifesting a spiritual and cultural celebration. Her grandmother was Emily Kame Kngwarreye who was an acclaimed and innovative painter also.

Josie has inherited her stories particularly those concerning plant life changes with the seasons and the rains.

Josie has also passed on her stories, ideas (dreaming's) and skills to her daughter Janice who in turn is following in her great grandmother's and mother's innovative foot steps.

Her work can be found in many public and private collections such as the Holmes a' court Collection.

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