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Australian Aboriginal Art by Madigan Thomas

Madigan Thomas was born in 1930 at in the Violet Valley region of Mabel Downs Cattle Station. She is undoubtedly a major force in the Aboriginal art movement having honed her skills painting with Queenie McKenzie and Rover Thomas.

She began painting in 1987 and is now known internationally. Madigan is a powerful figure in her community and always has been seen as a "law woman" with a generous heart. She educated her children in traditional values and contemporary ways with pride and dedication to her Aboriginal heritage. The success of her children professionally attests to her wisdom, and conviction.

She was a finalist Eleventh National aboriginal Art Award Exhibition (Museum of Art Gallery Northern Territory) and collections of her work are at the Parliament House Collection Camberra, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Darwin Museum and Art Gallery Northern Territory and many other private and corporate collection in Australia and world-wide.

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