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Australian Aboriginal Art by Margaret T Petyarre

Born in 1951 at Lake Nash, she now lives in Utopia and is related to the famous Petyarre family of painters including Kathleen, Violet, Gloria, Myrtle and other acclaimed Petyarre women.

Margaret's daughter Marcia Turner is an up and coming artist who has learned many skills from her mother and the many famous artist around her. She was involved in the "summer Batik Project" in 1988 which brought national and international attention to the Utopia artists.

Her style has changed and developed from the early dotting technique to a minimalist use of dots and lines that create stunning movement depicting body painting, bush medicine as her primary themes. Her work has gained notoriety in Australia where she is represented in major museums and in Italy, Germany and Russia.

Collections and Exhibitions:
  • 1988 "Summer Batik Project"
  • 1996 "Nangara", Stitching Sint-Jan, Netherlands
  • Ebes Collection
  • The Homes a' court Collection, Perth
  • The Asian Society, New York USA
  • Museum of Victoria, Melbourne
  • National Gallery, Canberra ATC

  • (011-84) 59 X 24

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