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Australian Aboriginal Art by Myrtle Petyarre

Myrtle Petyarre was born in 1930 near Utopia where she still lives and paints. She is the sister of Gloria, Nancy, Violet, Jean, Kathleen and Ada Bird...all outstanding artists.

Myrtle has been a fundamental part of the development of the Utopia area art success from the beginning as a "batik" artist and then using acrylic on canvas. Along with her sisters she has inherited certain "dreamings" which she interprets in a strong linear pattern. Many of her paintings depict "body paint" designs which are fundamental to many ceremonies celebrating various social events.

Myrtle is truly one of the great Petyarre women who have been instrumental in changing the form of aboriginal art and bringing international attention to aboriginal art. Myrtle's work has been exhibited in Australia, Ireland, Indonesia and South Africa.

  • Museum of Art Galleries of the Northern Territory
  • Prints and Woodblocks
  • The Australian National Gallery , Canberra
  • The Holmes a' court Collection
  • National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

  • (011-35) 52 X 39

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