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Australian Aboriginal Art by Rosemary Pitjara

Rosemary Pitjara was born in 1970 in to Utopia area. She is the niece of aclaimed artist Emily Knangwarreye and is a member of the famous Petyarre women's artists family who are dominant in the aboriginal art world today.

Among her many artistic themes, bush yams and medicine leaves show the unique and powerful style Rosemary is so well know for. She is a hardworking , productive artist.

  • Participant in "The Meeting Place" - touring exhibition throughout Australia 1996
  • 1996 Participant in "Nangara", Stitching Sint-Jan, Brugge, The Netherlands
  • 1998 Exhibition Dacau Gallary, Adelaide

     (011-77) 62 x38   (011-78) 68 X 53

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