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Australian Aboriginal Art by Shirley Purdie

Shirley Purdie was born at Mabel Downs Station in 1948. Her mother is Madigan Thomas an acclaimed artist and a respected elder in her community. She has not only inherited and learned artistic skills from her mother but also the strength of aboriginal culture, women's law and self respect.

Both women have worked with the political issues confronting them and with their husbands have been part of the counsels overseeing their communities and the lives of their people and children.

Madigan certainly gave her daughter her skills along with her friend the famous Queenie McKenzie who Shirley knew and learned from. Shirley's work is powerful....layers of ochre's depicting her surroundings, dreams and the symbols of her culture.

Her work can be found in collections nationally and internationally and has been in exhibitions world-wide.

Awards & Prizes: Artbank, University of Northern Territory, Edith Cowan University - Perth, Kerry Stokes Collection, Harvey Wagner Collection - United States, Commonwealth Institute Collection, London England, 1999 East Kimberley Award, Besondere Erwahnung.

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