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Australian Aboriginal Art by Sunni Anjuluru

Sunni was born in 1976 in the Kimberly area of Western Australia. She is a self taught artist, drawing inspiration from both her environment and her life experiences. Deeply inspired by a culture filled with powerful symbolism and meaning, her works integrate traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics, inviting all to understand and appreciate indigenous stories.

Sunni also exemplifies the changes happening with younger artists as they express a more personal reality in their work. Her depiction of the powerful Wandjina spirit is very feminine with rounded shoulders and wearing what looks like jewelry and stylish dress.

Sunni leaves a part of herself in every painting and she is an artist to watch develop further in the coming years.


  • 2006 "The Art of Survival", The Roundhouse, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
  • 2007 "The Art of Survival", The Toronto Art Expo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • (011-113) 37.75 X 51

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