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Australian Aboriginal Art by Violet Petyarre

Born in 1946 at Mosquito Bore Outstation about 170 miles north of Alice Springs, Violet is a member of the famous Utopia artists family who influence and dominate the Australian art world and are acclaimed internationally.

Violet's family include her sisters, Jeannie, Gloria, Nancy, Kathleen and Ada Bird who learned and inherited the themes "dreamings" from their famous aunt Emily Kngwarreye a major force in the Utopia art movement.

Her paintings reflect the body paint, bush tucker and other designs her family are entrusted with and her unique portrayal is a very alive and organic style that seems three dimensional and again like her sister's consist of vivid colour.

These women provide leadership for the their children and the young people in their communities and keep the Utopia art visible throughout the world. Violet's work has been exhibited in Australia, Ireland, the Netherlands and USA.

Collections include The Robert Holes a' Court Collection, Australia and The Kelton Foundation, USA

(011-61) 38.5 x 48.5    (011-124) 24 X 50

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