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Aboriginal Artist Barbara Napangarti Reid

Barbara was born in 1964 in the Tjukuria region of the Western Desert. Her work is becoming very sought after because of her subject matter and beautiful depictions of her land and the women who occupy it. Her themes relate to women's ceremonies, ceremonial ground and the "puli" or rock formations and "tuli" sand hills of her country.

The ritualistic ceremonies revolve around the role of Tingari women as healers and providers which Barbara depicts with wonderful colour tones, shapes and balance that attract the eye. It must be said that the "sacred" nature of these ceremonies is kept strictly disguised and in most instances are not depicted...but the use of symbols, colour and contrast outlines the importance of the women's role in healing , teaching and caring.

Exhibitions & Collections
  • 2000 "Salt, Sand & Spinifex", Japingka Gallery
  • 2000 " Barbara Napangarti Reid", Vivien Anderson Gallery
  • 2000 17th Annual Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Awards, Darwin NT
  • Museum and Art Gallery of the Norther Territory

  • (011-64) 28 X 35    (011-127) 17 X 46.5

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