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Australian Aboriginal Artist Joanne Nangala

Born in Port Headland, Western Australia in 1972.

Joanne is the daughter of Pansy Napangardi , one of Australia's outstanding artists from whom she learned her skills and inherited her themes or "dreamings".

Joanne has lived in many parts of the Central Desert, the Kimberly area, Darwin, Alice Springs, Kalgoorlie with her parents and on her own. She has developed a wonderful style as she interprets the colours of the bush and it's flora.

Joanne has worked in several galleries and has also sold her own work internationally and throughout Australia through her own company and she has also helped many other artists to market their work and develop.

Joanne is a very positive role model for younger aboriginal artists and individuals who want to become educated and in control of their lives.

  • 1996 Australia's Indigenous Creations Gallery Best Female Artist.

  • (011-38) 30 X 21

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