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Australian Aboriginal Artist Katanari Tjilya Burton

Katanari Tjilya Burton was born in 1939 in the area of Tjurma Homelands South Australia (Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands). Katanari paints regularly with the women at Minymaku Arts. This community is well known for the wonderful work women have done at a political level and in every way possible to enrich their families lives and to tackle the problems so many isolated aboriginal communities face especially with their young people.

The specific work of the Art Centre has been productive in facilitating income and skill development. Since 1997 the centre has concentrated on assisting artists to develop traditional symbols and ideas as well as contemporary abstract imagery. Minymaku works can be found in The National Gallery of Australia, the Museum of Victoria and many private collections.

Katarina paints about women in her painting titled Minymaku Warku....Minyma means "woman" . Ku indicates owner, custodian or rightful owner. Warku means hole in rock where water collects. This is all depicted in her use of concentric circles symbolizing rock holes....and her use of brilliant colours contemporises her work.

(011-33) 40 X 34

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