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Australian Aboriginal Artist Mitjilli Naparulla

Mitjilli Naparulla was born at Haasts Bluff in 1940. She is one of the most famous Pintupi women painters.

Her mother, Tjunkayi Napaltjari, was a founder of the "Minyma Tjukurrpa Project' (a collection of women painters from Kintore and Ikuntji Women's Centre). Her brother, sister and husband are all acclaimed artists working out of Haasts Bluff and Pupunya.

Mitjilli has inherited the "dreamings" of her father's country where the trees provide wood for spear making. She concentrates on theses trees and Wangunu or Portulaca which are small seeds ground and used to make "damper" a type of bread.

Mitjilli has a wonderful sense of colour and spacing. She uses vivid yellows, browns, reds and purples to communicate the essence of flowers and leaves.

Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and she has received many awards

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