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Australian Aboriginal Artist Pansy Napangardi

Born in 1949 at Hassts Bluff, Central Australia. Pansy's artistic development started early in the 1970's at the start of the Pupunya Tula artists movement.

Pansy watched Johnny Warangkula and Kappa Mbitjana Tjampitjinpa but unlike other women artists associated with Pupunya she began painting her own themes rather than apprenticing to the senior initiated men which was a very major step in the development of aboriginal women artists. Her independence and ability set a positive example for other women artists. On her return to painting with the Papunya Tula artists she emerged as their leading woman artist.

Pansy is spiritually connected to her land and the vitality of her work reflects her love and respect for her heritage and the symbols of her people. She is constantly experimenting and exploring which is so obvious in her work. Pansy's sister Eunice Napangati was also an acclaimed artist who sadly died last year.

Pansy's work has been exhibited world-wide and can be readily found in many collections and art publications. Pansy was awarded the 1989 Winner 6th Annual National Aboriginal Art Award (1989) and the Northern Territory Art Award (1993).

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