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Australian Aboriginal Artist Tjawina P. Nampitjinpa

Tjawina Porter Nampitjinpa was born in 1950 in Yamara north of Docker River, Western Australia.

Tjawina paints her mother and father's "dreaming Sites" of Yumara, Punkilpirri and Tjalili which are very important sources of water and food.

Her family moved to Papunya in the 1960's where great strides took place in the developement of so many renowned artists.

Tjawina's style is that of the desert with wonderful bright colours and themes of food and water ceremonies and are classic icongraphic designs done by Pintupi women.

Tjawina has also become a noted basket weaver.

 (011-3) 68 X 58    (011-4) 59 X 18

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