Arnhem Land

Tiwi Islands


Alma Abbakoyok       Shirley Amos       Marilyn Armstrong      
Penny Ashley       Jeane Baptiste       Carol Black       Tina Brown      
Lydia Burak       Katrina Tjilya Burton       Nora Petyarre Club      
Elizabeth Djuttiaria       Sally Garromara       Dorothy Gulabedbad      
Melba Gunjarrwanga       Amelia Kemarre       Jancie Kemarre      
Josie Kemarre       May Mbitjana       Susan Marawarr      
Marlene Marshall       Cindy Morton       Berlene Mung      
Doreen Nakamarra       Mitjilli Naparulla       Tjawina P. Nampitjinpa      
Joanne Nangala       Barbara Napangarti Reid      
Nabulla Scobie Naparulla       Pansy Napangardi      
Jill Nganjnurra       Wilma Walker Ngadijina      
Kgukgi Noble       Boab Nutts       Josette Papajua      
Doreen Petyarre       Jeannie Petyara       Josie K. Petyarre      
Marcia Petyarre       Margaret T. Petyarre       Myrtyle Petyarre      
Violet Petyarre       Rosemary Pitjara       Shirley Purdie      
Francesca Puruntatameri       Garaldine Purumtatameri      
Sheila Purumtatameri       Jedda Purvis      
Minnie Pwerle       Margaret Saraguchi      
Margaret Scobie       Madigan Thomas      
Colleen Wallace       Biddy White       Linda Williams      
Noreen Williams       Freda Wilson      
Debra Wurrkidji       Dixie Wurrpamirra      
Tammy Mathews       Raylene Stevens       Gracie Morton Nangale       Barbara Weir       Gloria Petyarre       Anna Price Petyarre       Marcia Turner       June Peters       Sunni-Anjuluru      

Welcome to the Art of Survival, a celebration of Australian Aboriginal Women's art and the countless benefits their work provides their families and community.

Australian Aboriginal Women's art includes:
  • Paintings on canvas, paper and bark with acrylics and ochre's
  • Prints
  • Reed work including dilly bags (baskets), and fish traps
  • Iron wood baskets
  • Fabric designs on cotton and silk
These works are available for private and public viewing accompanied by "bush Tucker" (bush food), music, visual and text reference materials. Your senses will be stimulated not only by the vibrant colours and designs of the art but also the exciting tastes and sounds of the bush.

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