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Australian Art by Susan Marawarr

Born in 1967 at Maningrida West Central Arnhem Land, Susan works in several mediums: Fibre (Twined baskets, String bags, Dilly bags, Coiled baskets), Painting (Ochre's and PVC fixative on stringy bark) Prints (Screen printing, Lithography, Etchings, Linocuts) and Wooden Objects (Carved and painted woden sculpture)

Subject/themes include Clan totems and designs, local flora and fauna, "Mimih" spirit figures, "Dajurru" spirit (with one short leg), and "kunmadi"- dilly bags.

Her work is in collections and has been on exhibit throughout Australia.

(011-24) 20 X 17    (011-25) 20 X 13

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