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Australian Indigenous Art by Linda Williams

Linda Williams was born in East Gyppsland, Victoria and now makes her home in Townsville , Far North Queensland. She started painting in 1995.

Linda works with acrylic on canvas and also paints digeridoos , boomerangs and ceramics. Her inspiration comes from a deep rooted pride in her heritage instilled by her grandmother's stories and family history.

Linda's style draws from both traditional and contemporary themes. She has won many prizes and her work is shown in galleries throughout Australia.

  • 1998 FIRST PRIZE: Gold Coast Show
  • 2000 FIRST PRIZE: Townsville Art Society
  • 2001 Solo exhibition (Woman of 2 Worlds), Pinnacles Gallery, Thuringowa, Queensland
  • 2001 2nd Prize Townsville Art Society
  • 2002 "From Dreaming to Reality exhibition"- Volvo Gallery Sydney
  • 2002 "Yooloo" Art exhibition- Aurora Place, Sydney

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