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Australian Indigenous Art by Shirley Amos

A New South Wales artist who is passionate about her heritage and the development of Aboriginal people.

"I am an Aboriginal artist who uses traditional lines and dot style to interpret the problems my people have holding on to the Aboriginal "Dreaming" yet who live in an industrialised white society. I consider my paintings meaningful representations of the pull of 40,000 years of our past and a white society demanding we conform to a new social standard. I often paint the stories in acrylic as I believe a story must be felt emotionally and physically to be truly understood and accepted." - Shirley Amos

  • 1993 "sayin' something" Brisbane
  • 1997 NAIDOC, Boomalli exhibition
  • 1997 Boomalli exhibition "Black on Track"
  • 1998 Aboriginal Heritage Art exhibition
  • 2000 Expo 2000, Olympic Games 2000 Sydney
  • 2000 Gosford Art Gallery Gosford NSW
  • 2001 NAIDOC
  • 2001 Solo exhibit at Boomalli Gallery

  • Shirley has also won several awards for her work and continues to paint and develop as an urban artist.

    (011-37) 20 X 17

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