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Indigenous Art by Tammy Mathews

Tammy Mathews is from the Tweed River area of Northern New South Wales. She has been painting for over ten years and is a self taught artist who has developed a vibrant marking technique using traditional dot design in a very new way.

Tammy has traveled to the western desert and many aboriginal communities which has influenced her style in many ways yet she is refreshing and unique. To date she is not well known but that is about to change as her work keeps developing and changing with more colour and movement.

  • 2006 "The Art of Survival",The Roundhouse, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • 2007 "The Art of Survival", Toronto Art Expo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  •        (011-117)             (011-126)             (011-128)
           31.5 X 44                30 X 44                29 X 66.5

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