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Indigenous Art by Wilma Walker Ngadijina

Born near Mossman in Far North Queensland in 1929 Wilma Walker Ngadijina is an elder of the Kuku Yalanji people. Her life story is an amazing tale of hardship, fear, defiance , social struggle, love and giving. Wilma's childhood was threatened many times as she is a lighter skinned aboriginal woman. It is well worth reading her story as it will outline the extremely hard struggle aboriginal people face daily and historically (Story Place Indigenous Art and the Rainforest produced by the Queensland Art Gallery Brisbane).

Wilma's family is very large as she had twelve children and now has sixty grandchildren. She is not only an elder and leader but a source of wisdom and history which she shares generously with her community. She is also an acclaimed weaver who makes beautiful black palm baskets in the "old" way.

Her work can be found in many collections and at the Queensland Art Gallery

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